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The January social media trap

If your social media feeds are anything like mine, now it’s January, you’ll be bombarded with adverts for products promising the perfect body (don’t get me started on Herbalife, Forever Living, Juice Plus etc!). Pinterest accounts will suddenly be full of “fitspo” or “fitspiration” boards, full of photos of washboard stomachs, thigh gaps and perfectly perky boobs and instagram will be full of before and after pictures and weight loss transformations. People will be declaring their new years’ resolutions on Facebook, the majority of which will be along the lines of “lose weight and tone up”, or “get skinny”, which is incidentally a word that you will never normally hear me use. The world will be declaring war on their bodies, at least for the first two weeks of January, by which point we’ll all be so disheartened with the lack of progress, grumpy through lack of food and wondering why on earth we make the bloody resolutions in the first place!


If we’re not being bombarded with images of the “perfect bodies” or products to get a “perfect body”, then we’re being subjected to social media envy, the feeling that all your friends, or even in some instance strangers, are having so much more fun than you. We’ll see countless statuses and instagrammed pictures of rings and babies, people drinking prosecco on nights out at places that you can only dream of affording, smug looking couples etc. and sometimes, it would be only natural to wonder if your life is just a bit, well, dull.


With glossy fashion magazines and advertisements, we always knew there was airbrushing going on. However, bloggers and Instagram stars and even, potentially, your friends on Facebook are using manipulation software and filters to edit the photos they share and they are very carefully curated to create the illusion of perfection. When you believe these are ‘real people’ and they are your peers, that is dangerous, because it creates a perceived normality that is completely unachievable. When we can’t attain that beauty ideal, we often become unhappy. We too, then start using filters and apps such as Facetune and Rentrica to keep up appearances and before we know it, we’re adding fuel to the fire!


So let me shed some light on what we’re seeing here…








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