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"Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person"

About Fitnessentials

A friendly personal trainer on a quest to put the personal back into personal training in Surrey and South London


Fitnessentials was born out of a love of both people and fitness. Having spent a number of years working in the fitness industry, both as a Personal Trainer and a Manager, I started to see the fitness industry for what it really was. I hated what it had become. Gym members were no longer viewed as individuals with individual training needs, but rather as numbers. I was always being questioned – how much is this member making the company, what is the percentage attendance on your classes etc. The industry was moving away from it’s founding principle of improving people’s health, fitness and well-being towards something that no self respecting fitness professional wants to focus on – targets. I was no longer doing what I loved. I was being forced into a “salesperson” role.


Fitnessentials moves away from the above and places the emphasis back onto the individual. It puts the personal back into personal training. I wanted to set up a company, that offers personal training in Surrey and South London and delivers a service above and beyond that which has grown to be expected in the industry. A completely bespoke service where you can even create your own packages!


I’m more than just a personal trainer – “A friendly personal trainer with a difference”


I’m about as far removed as possible from any of the stereotypes that might come to mind when you think of a personal trainer. Instead, you are guaranteed a friendly personal trainer who puts an emphasis, not only on achieving results but also on fun and laughter. I also want to help you feel better as well as look better and if that involves putting the world to rights whilst you work up a sweat then that’s what we’ll do. In the words of one of my clients, “you’re not only a great personal trainer, you’re also a lovely girl to be around”

You’re in safe hands too as I’m qualified in the following:

  • level two gym instructor
  • level three personal trainer
  • level three certificate in adapting exercise for ante and post natal clients
  • level three certificate in adapting exercise for adolescents
  • certificate in functional training


For more information, take a look at my Personal Training and Packages pages. If you’re ready to get started or have some questions, request a consultation┬átoday. Alternatively, if you’d like some useful fitness and weight loss hints and tips then be sure to check out our blog!


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