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"You're not only a great PT, you're also a lovely girl to be around"

Client testimonials


At Fitnessentials, I pride myself on my knowledge and experience. There are many personal trainers who qualified in as little as six weeks and are then let loose into the fitness world. Likewise, there are many “personal trainers” who are unqualified and are therefore uninsured. I took just over a year to qualify as a Personal Trainer, working in the industry as a level two fitness instructor to gain experience whilst studying for my level three personal training qualification. Whichever personal trainer you choose, please make sure that they are qualified to at least a level three standard, and that they are insured. A good personal trainer will also be happy to provide you with client testimonials. Take a look at what some of my clients have to say about me…


Rob – “In the short time Carolyn and I have been associated, she has demonstrated her true professional approach to her work and life. Her attitude and motivation displayed with her regards to her work and private life, is marvellous. Carolyn, knows how to make her presence felt through results. Spend 30 min with her as a PT and the experience will be ever lasting.”


Laura – “A big massive thank you for kick starting me into action. I know I’ve moaned my fair share (as I’m sitting here wincing, legs, arms and abs all feeling it!) but I’ve genuinely appreciated your patience. You’re not only a great PT, but also a lovely girl to be around!”


Richard – “I approached Carolyn Fisher (Fitnessentials) in July this year (2015) after I suffered a complete rupture of an achilles tendon while playing Badminton. I was looking for someone who could devise a fitness regime which would help me to maintain my general fitness during three months’ incarceration in a moon-boot and thereafter,  to work me back into shape so that I could start playing again. I am not a fitness fanatic and was,  also therefore looking for a bit of motivation to keep at something which frankly I have always regarded as a bit boring..


Carolyn has delivered just that, with a new program each week which mixes aerobic and strength routines, covering all the muscle groups including some I didn’t know I had!  Each program is bespoke and pitched at a level which is challenging without being impossible and the weekly changes have motivated me to keep exercising between our sessions. I am pleased to report that now, 16 weeks later and despite my lack of general mobility over most of that period, my level of fitness is  considerably better than it was before the injury. 

I am delighted to recommend Carolyn to anyone looking for a thoroughly professional  fitness coach, particularly where a sports or other injury requires a specialised approach to assist in returning to full fitness.”


Pat – “My name is Pat. I am a 59 year old woman who has done no real exercise for over 20 years. As I am fast approaching 60 I decided it was time to get fit. As a person who has always found exercising a chore I needed someone who could motivate me and keep me on task. I have found that with Carolyn Fisher. I started personal training with Carolyn in June 2015 , doing two sessions a week, and my goals were to get fitter and lose weight. I am now able to walk up steep hills without getting out of breath or having to stop for a rest. I can walk  10 miles in a day and not ache the next day.  My knee pain hardly bothers me now and I  generally feel much healthy. I have also lost 2 stone in weight, over 15% body fat and dropped 2 dress sizes. I now look forward to exercising and don’t like to miss a session. Carolyn makes exercising fun and I would highly  recommend her services to anyone who wants a good motivator that  can help them to achieve their goals”

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