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Online Personal Training

Fitnessentials is now offering comprehensive online personal training packages for those of you who don’t live locally but still want amazing personalised coaching and guidance.


Each six weeks, you’ll get a new bespoke online personal training plan and we’ll do a new nutritional audit for you. You’ll also have unlimited access to me by text over this time between the hours of 9 to 5 on weekdays and 9 to 1 on Saturdays so you can ask those random questions that pop into your head at inopportune moments!


I ask new online clients to complete a week long food diary and lifestyle questionnaire for me so that I can focus on changing your own eating and exercise habits with tips, food swaps and suggestions which take into account your personal lifestyle rather than prescribing a generic diet that doesn’t work for everyone. I can even refer you to a qualified nutritionist if you require more assistance, or need a diet plan to keep you on the straight and narrow on a daily basis. You will also be required to fill out a medical form prior to receiving any support or guidance.


Your six week online personal training programme will include workouts from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions – it will be like having your own personal trainer, the only difference is that it requires you to work hard and be self motivated – you must be disciplined, dedicated and focused to make it work.


Say no to generic workouts on social media and say yes to personalised, tailored training plans and guidance for a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer in your local gym.


My completely personalised, online personal training package is just £60 for six weeks! I can only take a limited number of online clients on and spaces will go very quickly. So in order to avoid missing out, please contact me to register your interest.

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